The Royal Melbourne Golf Club prides itself on maintaining the long-standing tradition and character of the Club.  All  visitors are requested to take note of our dress regulations before their visit and observe the dress code at all times when visiting the Club.


Dress Code (view)

Mobile phone policy

Mobile phones may be carried on the course – but must be switched off and used only in the case of an emergency.

Mobile phones must be switched off in the Clubhouse. A telephone room is available (near the bar) for use of all electronic equipment.

“Take Pride” in the Golf Course  (View PDF)

Proper course care is essential to good course etiquette. Incorrect course care is ineffective and can actually be harmful. Please always use the everyday methods adopted at Royal Melbourne

Our Course Rangers are responsible for monitoring all aspects of course etiquette. Please comply courteously with all requests and directions from them.

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"Take Pride"

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